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Welcome to Skateboarding California, a video channel featuring the culture and history of skateboarding in the early 21st century.

Pro-Tec Pro Pad Kneepad Review (vs. ProDesigned/S-One/187 Killer Pads)

Product review of kneepads

11 December 2022

Featuring a detailed review of ProTec Pro Pad Kneepads for skateboarding, compared to other top-of-the-line pads available on the market.

ProDesigned BMX Freestyle Kneepad Review (vs. S-One/187 Killer Pads/ProTec)

Product review of kneepads

10 December 2022

Featuring a detailed review of ProDesigned BMX Freestyle Kneepads for skateboarding, compared to other top-of-the-line pads available on the market.

187 Killer Pads Pro Kneepad Review (vs. ProDesigned/S-One/ProTec)

Product review of kneepads

9 December 2022

Featuring a detailed review of 187 Killer Pads Pro Kneepads for skateboarding, compared to other top-of-the-line pads available on the market.

S-One Pro Gen 4.5 Kneepads (vs. ProDesigned/187 Killer Pads/ProTec)

Product review of kneepads

8 December 2022

Featuring a detailed review of S-One Pro Gen 4.5 Kneepads for skateboarding, compared to other top-of-the-line pads available on the market.

Fontana North Skatepark - Peanut Pool

A Little Pool Session

9 June 2021

Short little session at the Fontana North Skatepark in the Peanut Pool

Olympic Skateboarding & Gymnastics

A Tribute to the Final Five

29 September 2016

In the summer of 2016, with the fantastic news that the Olympics are finally going to acknowledge skateboarding and include it in the 2020 Olympic games, this video explores the possible impact on the sport, and how it compares to one of the most closely-related Olympic events - gymnastics.

How are skateboard graphics made?

Spotlight On Skateboard Artist Kenny McBride

29 June 2013

Skateboard graphics really became popular thanks to artists like Vernon Courtland Johnson and Jim Philips in the 1980's. In this episode of Skateboarding California, we explore the graphic design work of Kenny McBride and his creations for Silly Girl Skateboards. Kenny's artwork has had a huge impact on everyone from the team members, to the fans and customers of Silly Girl, to a showcase in the 2013 XGames in Barcelona, Spain with winning medalist Julz Lynn. For more information on the graphics featured, check out the sites:

"Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" Movie Review

Reviewing The Latest Stacy Peralta Documentary

28 November 2012

In November of 2012, a documentary on the Bones Brigade was released by renown filmmaker Stacy Peralta. Covering the history of the most influential skateboarding team of all time, "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" features interviews with the core Bones Brigade members including Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Mike McGill, and Tommy Guerrero. In this Skateboarding California episode, the ladies of Silly Girl Skateboards, arguably the next-generation, female-equivalent of the Bones Brigade, watch the film and give their impressions of the skaters, the history, and the legacy of the legendary gentlemen who comprised the infamous Powell-Peralta team.

How To Make A Custom Skateboard?

The Steps To Designing Your Own Deck

10 October 2012

This episode shows the process of designing 2 different boards. One is a tribute to an old 1970s Makaha and the other is a tribute to the 1980s Powell Peralta Per Welinder street deck. This video also features team rider Julie Westfall of Silly Girl Skateboards offering her opinion on the decks and taking a few runs at Venice. For more information on the custom shapers, check out their sites:

Life Rolls On at Venice Beach Skatepark (2012)

Third Annual Amazing And Inspirational Contest

24 September 2012

Life Rolls On is a subsidiary of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and on 7 July 2012, they hosted their third annual They Will Skate Again event at Venice Beach Skatepark, assisting individuals with varied levels of mobility to ride. The event is truly amazing and draws people from all over the world to participate. Featuring skateboarding by Jay Adams, Christian Hosoi, Julie Kindstrand, Mike Shea, Oscar Loreto, Evan Stone and more. Plus, interviews with Chelsie Hill of Push Girls fame and the Venice Skateboard Association, who supplied countless local volunteers to assist at the event.

2012 O.G. Jam Series #3 Skateboard Contest

Featuring Skateboarders 30-and-over at The Cove

18 August 2012

Invented by Heidi Lemmon of SPAUSA, the O.G. Jam Series is a summertime array of skateboarding contests in California, among skateboarders 30 and older, designed to promote health and fitness to the community and civic leaders. Showcasing ladies and gentlemen who still skateboard well beyond their college years has proven to be a fantastic way to help eradicate the "degenerate" stereotype of skateboarders and prove that skateboarding is a fun and wholesome sport for people of all ages. Thanks to special guest World Champion Skateboarder Lizzie Armanto for appearing and judging.

Venice Beach Skatepark Polar Bear Pool Jam 2012

Annual & Epic Contest On Venice Beach

1 August 2012

The 3rd Annual Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Pool Jam took place at the infamous Venice Beach Skatepark on 24 June 2012. Featuring some of the best amateur skateboarders in the world and judged by legendary skaters like Jim Muir and Dave Hackett, it was an epic and unparalleled event. Sponsored by ProTec and the Venice Skateboard Association, the contest showcased skateboarding talent from all around Los Angeles. There are other contests. There are other skateparks. But none of them matter when compared to witnessing the skills of up-and-coming skateboarders competing against one another in the literal birthplace of skateboarding itself.

Julz Lynn Skateboards California To Oregon

One Woman Skateboarding 1000 Miles For Charity

25 July 2012

Julie Kindstrand (Julz Lynn), the three-time Pool/Bowl World Champion Skateboarder, decided at the age of 20 to longboard from Huntington Beach, California to Lincoln City, Oregon for the 2012 Trifecta Skateboard Contest. Meeting up with her at Venice Beach Skatepark on day 3 of her 5 week journey, we talk to her about her drive and inspiration to make this trip. Not one to do this trek purely for herself, Julz is also skating with the intent of raising awareness for the organizations "Keep-A-Breast" and "Grind For Life" - two charites dedicated to assisting those with cancer.

Skateboard Review: 2012 Bustin Boards Yoface

Innovative Pool Board Shape From New York City

22 July 2012

Bustin Boards is a well-respected longboard company headquartered in New York City. Their Yoface deck, released in 2012, is their first attempt at a pool/tech slide board, shaped after a traditional street board design. Having more than 20 years of skateboarding experience, Vision offers his opinion of the deck at various skateparks around Los Angeles. World Champion pool skater Julie Kindstrand also takes a few runs on the board and shares her thoughts on the shape and design of the deck. Remember, THIS BOARD MAKES YOU SKATE LIKE CHRISTIAN HOSOI. For more information on the Bustin Boards Yoface, check out

Skatepark Review: Venice Beach Skatepark - Venice, California

The Best Skatepark In The Universe

9 May 2012

Venice Beach, California is home to the world-famous Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Skatepark which was built in 2009 thanks to 20 years of grassroots efforts by the Venice Surf & Skateboard Association. The skatepark on Venice Beach was designed by RRM Design Group along with Wormhoudt Inc. and constructed by California Skateparks. For more information on helping the volunteers of the Venice Surf & Skateboard Association maintain the park, check out

Skatepark Review: The Cove Skatepark - Santa Monica, California

Namesake Of The Famous Dogtown Surf Spot

7 May 2012

Santa Monica Skatepark (also known as "The Cove") in Santa Monica, California is a 20,000 square foot skatepark built by California Skateparks. Constructed in 2005, the skatepark in Santa Monica has been the home park of the amazing skateboarders of the Santa Monica Airlines skate team, including world champion pool skater Lizzie Armanto. This video provides a detailed overview of the entire park, hosted by Sarah Thompson, a fantastic skater in her own right, who rides for Silly Girl Skateboards.

What is the best skateboard griptape?

Studying The Grain Of Different Griptape Brands

24 March 2012

Many skateboarders debate over the best griptape. In truth, there is no such thing as the "best" griptape. There are merely different grains available. As a skateboarder, you must choose which coarseness is best for your needs. Do you need strong grip? Do you need lighter grip? The decision depends upon your style of skateboarding. Skating freestyle, you may want finer grain, so the board slips around under your feet easier. Racing downhill, you may want larger grain, so your shoes stick to the board. With this video, we explore the options and show you what's available from griptape like MOB, FKD, Jessup, Negative One, Black Magic, Edger, Vicious and more!

Skatepark Review: Glendale/Verdugo Skatepark - Glendale, California

Our Review On The Fantastic Glendale/Verdugo Skatepark

12 March 2012

Built in 2004, the skatepark located within Verdugo Park in Glendale, California is one of the best in the Los Angeles basin. Full of great transitions, excellent concrete, a tight pool, and a blazing-fast cloverbowl, few skateparks pack so much skateable goodness into such a small area. Only 15,000 square feet in size, Glendale manages to be one of the top skateparks in California, thanks to a fun layout created by Site Design Group. Wether you are a Californian or a traveller on a skateboarding road trip, Glendale is not to be missed.

Incase P-Rod Skateboard Duffel Review

One Of The Most Well-Designed Skateboard Backpacks Ever Made

9 March 2012

Finding a large and well-designed skateboarding backpack is not an easy task. Professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez Jr. (son of comedian Paul Rodriguez) comes through with his Signature Collection duffel bag from Incase. This review shows all the pros and cons of this awesome pack and lets you see all the closeup details of the construction and storage space.

Skatepark Review: etnies Skatepark - Lake Forest, California

Our Review On The Amazing Etnies Skatepark

9 March 2012

At the time of this review in 2012, Etnies Of Lake Forest was the third largest skatepark in the United States, covering a massive 57,000 square feet of concrete bliss. In the first of our "skatepark review" episodes, we show all the terrain and features of the skatepark, including detailed maps of how to get there, and offer our opinions on various aspects of the skatepark layout. Truly one of the greatest skateparks ever made, Etnies is a "must visit" for anyone living in (or vacationing to) Southern California. Learn more at

What makes a great skateboard backpack?

Discover What Features Are Needed In The Ideal Skateboard Bag

8 March 2012

Many skateboarding backpacks are simply inadequate for the needs of skateboarders. Clearly they are typically designed by people who don't skate and know nothing about skateboarding. This episode illustrates the differences between skateboarding backpacks which are designed intelligently versus ones that fall short of their potential. An ideal episode to watch for all manufacturers and consumers of skateboard backpacks.

POC Sports Receptor Backcountry Helmet Review

The Most Advanced Actions Sports Helmet Available

10 February 2012

After owning and using the POC Sports Receptor Backcountry Helmet for 4 months, Vision gives his review. Arguably the most advanced action sports helmet on the market, it offers far more safety features than the average skateboarding helmet. Julie Westfall gives her opinion of the design and craftsmanship of the helmet as well. For all you fans of "firefly", be sure to look for the shiny split-second Jayne Cobb reference! Get more information on the POC Sports Receptor Backcountry at

Pixie Bowl 2011 - Girls Skateboarding Jam

Skateboarding & Halloween Costume Party at the Iguana Bowl

26 January 2012

Hosted by the Wettstein family at the Iguana Bowl, the Pixie Bowl on Saturday 29 October 2011 was a skateboarding and Halloween costume party, featuring some of the top skateboarder girls in the world including Abby Zsarnay, Amelia Brodka, Arianna Carmona, Brenna Pawley, Cheryl Jumao-as, Danielle Gomez, Hailey Villa, Jordan Abraham, Julie Westfall, Julz Lynn, Mikayla Sheppard and more. Hosted by Sarah Thompson.

Bryce Wettstein: 7 Year Old Skateboarder Girl

Profile on the Youngest Member of Sector 9 and Silly Girl Skateboards Skate Teams

18 November 2011

Bryce Wettstein is a 7-year-old skateboarder who is sponsored by a number of well-respected skateboarding companies including Sector 9, Hamboards, and Silly Girl Skateboards. Born and raised as a true California girl, kids her age don't become that skilled without the support and encouragement of their family. This episode not only showcases the talents of Bryce, but also features her mom and dad - illustrating how far children can progress when the entire family participates in bolstering a young girl's dreams.

Do skateboarding forums suck!?

Looking at the Largest Skateboarding Forums on the Internet

14 September 2011

Actually, all the skateboarding forums we review in this episode are pretty cool. None of them suck. We'll be taking a look at the biggest and best skateboarding forums on the Internet. First we show you how to qualify all the largest sites, based upon traffic and membership statistics. Next, the video moves into a brief overview on the dynamics and demographics of the Top 3 online communities for skateboarding. This episode should help you to identify the most prolific sites in terms of participation and introduce you to the most active skateboarding forums to be found anywhere online.

Guinness Book Of World Records Largest Skateboard Parade - Venice, California

Venice High School Centennial Celebration with the World's Largest Skateboard Parade

26 June 2011

Vision and Julie Westfall participate in the World's Largest Skateboard Parade on 26 June 2011 for the Guinness Book of World Records during the Centennial Celebration of Venice High School in Venice, California. Along with 500 other skateboarders of all ages and backgrounds, the parade route ran for 2 miles from the intersection of Pacific and Venice, east towards Venice High School. Featuring the Silly Girl Skate Posse along with clips of Patti McGee, Peggy Oki, Jenna Hannon and more.

Why is the wheelbase important on skateboards?

Width Is Not The Only Measurement That Matters

20 January 2011

Many skateboarders assume that "width" is all that matters on a skateboard and are unaware of the importance of wheelbase. Do your parents and teachers think skateboarding is a waste of time? Show this video to them! You can use it to prove that skateboarding teaches you things about biology and physics and geometry! Shot at The Cove Skatepark with Sarah Thompson of Silly Girl Skateboards in January of 2011.

Kiko Francisco & Asher Bradshaw

Two Of The Best Groms In California

13 October 2010

Two of the best young skaters in Los Angeles, Kiko Francisco & Asher Bradshaw, both under the age of 10, show off their skills at Santa Monica Skatepark and at Venice Skatepark during the summer of 2010.

Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (Episode 1 of 3)

Part 1 Of A Brief History Of The Venice Skatepark

20 July 2010

Venice, California. Skateboarding. Three simple words conjuring a vision of one of the most vibrant and unique cultures in the world. Skaters. The foundation of concrete, poured into the very sands of Venice Beach, to build the Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Skatepark (a.k.a. "Venice Beach Skatepark"), is truly rooted within the birthplace of skateboarding. This first of 3 episodes tells their story. For more information, visit

Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (Episode 2 of 3)

Part 2 Of A Brief History Of The Venice Skatepark

20 July 2010

Venice is the mecca of skateboarding. Second to none. This is where it began. These spectacular waves of cement didn't appear spontaneously from the shoreline - every curve within the skatepark exists, and remains maintained, thanks to tireless dedication from a passionate community organization of skateboarders and surfers called the Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (VSA). This second of 3 episodes tells their story. For more information, visit

Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (Episode 3 of 3)

Part 3 Of A Brief History Of The Venice Skatepark

20 July 2010

Skateboarding is synonymous with Venice, California and the organization responsible for the skatepark on Venice beach is known as the Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (VSA). Learn how the organization came to be and what they did to create the skatepark and what they do now, to maintain and care for the park. This third of 3 episodes concludes their story. For more information, visit

Silly Girl Skateboards Skate Posse

The Girls Invade Dogtown and Skate All Day Long

15 June 2010

The girls of the Silly Girl Skate Posse spend a day in Dogtown and talk about what the joys of skateboarding mean to them. Witness girls showing an attitude which is a refreshing change-of-pace, that shall renew your faith in the existence of skateboarders who are motivated by pure fun and happiness. Featuring Julie Westfall, Ashley Espinoza, Sarah Thompson, Jordan Abraham, Bryce Wettstein, and Abby Zsarnay. For more information, visit

Roll Model Skate (with Eric "Tuma" Britton)

Skateboarding Instructional Camp Founded By Eric "Tuma" Britton

14 March 2010

Featured in the movie "Lords Of Dogtown" in the role of Marty Grimes, Tuma is a professional skateboarder who grew up in the infamous Dogtown of Los Angeles. A father himself, Tuma founded Roll Model Skate as a positive and supportive environment to help teach the youth (and the young-at-heart) to become better skateboarders. This episode features Tuma, the parents, and the children who are students of Roll Model Skate. Everything in this episode of Skateboarding California was shot at the Venice Beach Skatepark and at The Cove Skatepark in Santa Monica, California. For more information, visit

How To Assemble A Skateboard? (Episode 1 of 2)

Part 1 Of 2 Teaching How To Put A Skateboard Together

29 March 2010

Why would something as simple as a skateboard take two 10 minute videos to explain? This video teaches a lot more that the process of putting a board together. This first episode actually covers the whole history of where Vision got this deck and the whole origin of where the board came from and why. Yes, there's a fun story behind it and that is all part of the "how" and "why" of assembling the board. We start with the day Vision got the board from Melissa "Lizard" OG at Venice Beach Skatepark to the tools you need to put the board together.

How To Assemble A Skateboard? (Episode 2 of 2)

Part 2 Of 2 Teaching How To Put A Skateboard Together

25 April 2010

How could anyone need two 10 minute videos on Skateboarding California to talk about assembling a skateboard? Because these two clips explain whole lot more! The first episode talked mainly about the origins of the deck. This second episode actually covers more of the actual physical process of putting all the pieces together and making it work. There's even a quick little bonus clip at the end in Venice, featuring the very first run ever taken on the new deck.

What Are The Parts Of A Skateboard? (Episode 1 of 2)

Part 1 Of 2 Teaching The Components Of Skateboards

24 April 2010

Seems crazy to have 2 episodes of Skateboarding California dedicated to talking about the parts of a skateboard. However, we go into a lot of detail teaching everything from truck types to wheels sizes to board options. It's one of the more detailed videos you'll ever find to educate yourself on what kind of components are used and why. If you're new to skateboarding and don't know a kingpin from a riser pad, this episode will teach you so much, you'll know more than your friends as soon as you're done watching it.

What Are The Parts Of A Skateboard? (Episode 2 of 2)

Part 2 Of 2 Teaching The Components Of Skateboards

24 April 2010

This latest Skateboarding California episode concludes covering all the parts of a board from wheel durometers to wheelbase to bearing components. You'll be hard pressed to find any other videos that give this much detail about the pieces of a board and what they are all about. Be sure to watch the first episode too - they go together and detail everything you could possibly want to learn about skateboard components.

Skateboard Review: Santa Monica Airlines

Vision & Julie Westfall Talk About The "Lizard OG" Deck From Santa Monica Airlines

3 April 2010

Video coverage at Venice Beach Skatepark of Vision and Julie Westfall giving their opinions on the "Lizard OG" skateboard from Santa Monica Airlines. This episode talks about everything from the deck to the wheels and showcases a number of runs in the pool and bowl and snakerun. For more information, visit

Skateboard Review: Venice Surf & Skate Association Deck

Vision & Julie Westfall Ride The "VSA" Deck From Santa Monica Airlines

3 April 2010

Filmed at Venice Beach Skatepark, this episode features Julie Westfall and Vision reviewing the Venice Surf & Skate Association board from Santa Monica Airlines. Of the multiple boards reviewed this day, Julie cited this deck as her favorite and found it to be the best shape she rode. Based upon the Bennett Harada model from Santa Monica Airlines, the Venice Surf & Skate Association deck undergoes a session on all the transitions in the skatepark.

Skateboard Review: Vision Aggressor II

Vision & Julie Westfall Skate The "Aggressor II" Deck From Vision

3 April 2010

An early morning session captured at Venice Beach Skatepark on the Vision Aggressor II with Julie Westfall and Vision. This is the board that gave "Vision" his nickname. Be sure to check out this episode and watch Julie skate an '80s-style deck for the very first time!

Skateboard Review: California Girls Skateboards

Julie Westfall Skates Three Decks From California Girls Skateboards

3 April 2010

Shot at The Cove Skatepark in Santa Monica, California, this episode gives a review of decks from California Girls Skateboards. Covered exclusively by Julie Westfall, the boards are all photographed by Vision, so he sits this review out! For more information, visit

Longboard Review: Kahuna Big Stick

Stand Up Paddle Surfing... On Land!

16 May 2010

Why let surfers have all the fun of stand-up-paddleboarding? Experience stand-up-paddlesurfing on a longboard skateboard with the Kahuna Big Stick. If you're an avid skateboarder, this is a great way to incorporate skateboarding into your workout routine. The Kahuna Big Stick is the only way to combine an upper-body strengthening workout and a cardiovascular workout with skateboarding! For more information, visit

Longboard Review: Soul Ryde

Covering The "Nautilus 40" Custom Hardwood Board Designed By Vision

6 May 2010

Designed by Vision, this board was made by Soul Ryde. The deck is constructed from a beautiful African hardwood called sapele and features laser-etched graphics on the top and bottom of the board with black walnut stringers. Julie Westfall and Vision ride this deck around the beach from Santa Monica to Ocean Park to Venice and talk about the craftsmanship of the board and the manuverability of the Original trucks.

Longboard Review: Original Torpedo 40

Carving The Bikepath On The Torpedo 40 From Original Skateboards

6 May 2010

This board provided Vision with his introduction to Original Skateboards and was so much fun he ended up owning half-a-dozen longboards with Original trucks. The Torpedo 40 started it all and is a fun, fast, highly surfable skateboard which moves like nothing else. Reviewed along the beaches of Los Angeles, come take a spin with Julie Westfall and Vision on the awesome Original Torpedo 40.

Longboard Review: Landyachtz Urban Assault

Julie Westfall & Vision Riding The Landyatchz Urban Assault

6 May 2010

The Landyachtz Urban Assault was never intended to use trucks like the Original S8's which Vision mounted on the deck. Much to his surprise, it turned out to create one of the most fun and unique longboards one could imagine. Highly versatile and carvable, yet easy to push and generate speed, this Landyachtz Urban Assault was a favorite of Julie Westfall and a pleasure to all who ride it.

How to use a skateboard bearing press?

Brief Instructional Video Explaining The Proper Way To Use A Skateboard Bearing Press

6 February 2010

Learn to use a professional skateboard bearing press for installing and removing bearings from a skateboard wheel. At the time this video was posted, it was actually the first and only video on YouTube to show how a skateboard bearing press works. Featuring both a Powerdyne and a FKD bearing press. The video starts and ends with Julie Westfall and Vision at Venice Beach Skatepark.

Learn To Skate A Pool (Episode 2 of 2)

Second Of Two-Part Documentary Learning The Basics Of Pool Skating

22 September 2009

Learn the basics of skateboarding a pool. Explains the proper techniques for carving a pool and reaching tile. This video is an Internet-only addendum to the FREE "Learn To Ride A Skateboard" DVD and is the second video in a 2-part series.

Learn To Skate A Pool (Episode 1 of 2)

First Of Two-Part Documentary Learning The Basics Of Pool Skating

22 September 2009

Learn the basics of skateboarding a pool. Explains the proper techniques for carving a pool and reaching tile. This video is an Internet-only addendum to the FREE "Learn To Ride A Skateboard" DVD and is the first video in a 2-part series.

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